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Marriage and Divorce

The bible teaching concerning marriage is difficult. Strong personal experiences, diverging cultural values and differences in ideology tangle themselves with the bible and it is not easy to disconnect them. The bible values marriage highly; it perceives it as a lifetime plan, rather than a convenience that can be disposed of in the office of a lawyer. The love existing between the wife and husband is, at its best a hint on the deeper love between God and human beings. In Hebrews 13:4, the Bible notes that one should only drink water from his own well, sharing his love with his wife . The wife should be the fountain of blessing to his man and the man should always be captivated by the love of his wife. Bible states that marriage should be honored by remaining faithful to one another. In Proverbs 5:15-19, the Bibles states that a man who finds a wife finds treasure and receives favor from the lord. God judges the unfaithful and immoral people . The Bible commands that husbands should love their wives in a similar manner as Christ loves the church. When a man loves his wife, he loves himself. Wife and husband should submit to one another out of reverence to Christ. Wives should be submissive to their husbands. The bible perceives the husband as the head in the family just as Christ is the head of church.

The scripture says that a man shall live his parents and be joined to his wife, and the two will come together as one. The bible does not in any instant state explicitly the point at which a couple are considered married. Nonetheless, there are three perceptions to this effect. Firstly, a couple is considered to have married after being legally married. The viewpoint here is that suppose a government needs completion of some papers before the marriage is recognized, these documents need to be completed. Secondly, couples are considered to be married at the time sexual intercourse consummates the marriage. Lastly, in the eyes of God a couple is considered as married after completing a formal wedding ceremony. This differs significantly with the current popular understanding about marriage whereby a man and wife start living together and think that they have officially been married. Others start engaging in sexual intercourse even before marriage not knowing that it should be left for married people only.

In the teachings of the Old Testament, a man was given the chance to divorce after establishing an indecent issue with his wife. However, wives lacked these privileges. Jesus observed the pain and injustice that came with divorce and noted that neither husband nor wife was allowed to separate from one another. He also stated that remarrying following a divorce amounted to adultery. In Mathew 19:3-9, the Bible states that some Pharisees came to him trying to test him and enquired whether divorce was lawful . He replied to them that in the beginning, God made man and woman and due to this, a man is expected to leave his parents and live with his wife as one. Therefore, they are no longer two but one and what has been joined should not be disjointed by anyone. In answering why Moses allowed divorce, Jesus said that people were so hard-hearted that Moses allowed it, though it was not the case in the beginning. Jesus said that divorcing and remarrying, except in incidences concerning failure to uphold chastity, amounts to adultery. This stand to divorce only in cases of unfaithfulness is different from what is being experienced currently. This is because in the current society divorces are experienced for various reasons, which include financial reasons. This is common when one partner especially the husband fails to provide for the family. Some wives also fake reasons to acquire divorce from their husbands to benefit from their vast wealth.

I view divorce as a vice especially if the basis for the divorce is not warranted. Divorce should be condemned when it is due to material things. Wives who seek to divorce their husbands to benefit from their riches go against the teachings of the Bible. In 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 Paul echoes the sentiments of Jesus, commanding that a wife ought not to leave her husband, and if she gets separated, she should remain single and if not so, she should go back to him .

Divorce is an unadulterated misfortune. When it takes place, it leaves the partners in marriage disillusioned and embittered. Additionally, it denies the children of the security and love experienced in successful marriages. Divorce denies children a viable role model for their own marriages in future. There is need to make effort to maintain the strength of marriages and avoid divorce. In case there is a disagreement, forgiveness should be practiced, faithfulness should be practiced and ego and pride be subdued. Love should always be allowed to guide couples’ actions in marriage. In the event that one of the partners violates the contract of marriage seriously, in relation to sexual, physical or emotional abuse, the marriage would not endure; it is notable that no one ought to feel obligated to endure an abusive relationship.


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